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These Oracles have existed for over 1000 years and the head of the oracle died sometime ago and came back to life. It serves as our consultation, meaning it can fortell what has happened before and what will happen next irrespective of places i.e. it can reveal where a stolen car is and the suspect can be receovered. This is our herbs farm settlement where all types of medicinal herbs are planted. It is about 100 hecters of land people come from different parts of Africa to collect the herbs..


At Dr.See and Believe Health-Care Englightment and Natural Clinic. We provide permanent cure for the following diseases and Problems:


No one knows where or when plants first began to be used in the treatment of disease and alleviation of suffering, but the connection between plants health has existed from the beginning of human race.Evidence of this early association has been found in religious pelifagogies and more scientific documentation in the grave in Netherlands of a man buried 60,000years ago.Pollen analysis indicated that the numerous plants buried with the corpse were all of medicinal value. Accidental discovery of some plants as food or their eased/relieved pain and discomfort might have been pass down for generations and eventually became the foundations of medicine. Recent statistics have shown that 75% - 85% of the rural population in the world still relies on herbal medicine as their main source of healthcare delivery.The long tradition of usage of traditional medicine continues to the present day in China,India,Korea and many countries especially in Africa,including Nigeria.



We have an oracle for sales that has existed for over 1000 years and the head of the oracle died sometimes ago and came back to life. We have proof to tell you, as you can see some our photograph.
people come from different parts of African and Asia to seek for protection. Dr. See and Believe is committed to cure and protection. This is the last solution to your problem, registered in Nigeria under (FNAMH)


This forest has existed since 900AD. it is the decending habitation of the great oracle Nna Camalu.
TESTIMONY: I'm Jessy Wane from Chile, but I live in the United states where i am undergoing a proffessional course in fire engineering at the University of Texas. I have sat my final year exams for almost four times but have failed in.